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Listen: Three tracks from the new album.

Shine Your Light
A Million Miles
We Give Thanks

About my new album, Gratitude

Songs and chants alive with beauty, simplicity and innocence connecting us to the elements, to love and to life. Music, rhythm and harmony are the river upon which the voice flows, gently guiding us towards gratitude for life's gifts.

The inspiration for these songs and chants often come in moments of gratitude. They simply flow into my heart like water as I move through life. Nature and love, healing and silence find their way into my fingers and voice. Song has always accompanied my life and it is my medicine.

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Tracks: Total play time: 44.32

  1. Gratitude
  2. Lover Inside
  3. Shine your Light
  4. Love Finds the Way
  5. Mother Earth
  6. A Million Miles
  7. Open Sky
  8. Standing in the Light of Love
  9. Yes to Life
  10. Whichever Way
  11. We Give Thanks

About Tarisha

I am a singing medicine woman who brings depth and an honoring of life to my music and songs.

My offerings include Singing Medicine workshops and healing sessions, live music for meditation, composition, CD's
and a YouTube channel, Elemental Radio

I play the flute, guitar, keyboard and drum and live at Osho Leela, the spiritual community in Dorset, UK.

Tarisha's Music

Deep into the earth - 2016

Tarisha's new CD is a weave of Shamanic chants with Divine songs of the heart.
It is deeply feminine, full of soul and honours the basic elements of life.

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Carry Me Home - 2008

Songs of the heart with soft grooves and a gentle easeful vibe. The making of this album was Tarisha’s first collaboration with Manu, her husband. He turned her songs into jewels.

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All Your Faces - 2003

This was her first album.
It has 16 original songs gathered over many years from her experience of growing into womanhood.
It is raw and passionate and pretty naked.

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