I play music for transformation; for ceremony, ritual, meditation and dance. It could be playing flute in an Osho Satsang, where music takes you into the silence or playing keyboards for Trance Dance where the music helps you journey inside and dance your natural way, or singing with a festival crowd to help ground them and bring them into their heart. I call myself a Singing Medicine Woman. Songs come to me like rain from the sky. Song is my prayer and deepest sharing. Through song I am connected to spirit, love and nature and this I share with all my heart in ceremonies, workshops, song circles, meditations and individual healing sessions. In this way, I use music for transformation.

‘Tarisha is both a singer and songwriter of exceptional talent. She is everyone’s soul sister, calling us to come out of our shells and enter into a divine rapture of sound and silence. Her exquisite voice carries us to the heights of the soul and back again to our shamanic earth. Her range of expression is simply awesome.’ Ma Ananda Sarita – Tantra Essence

About my new album, Gratitude

Songs and chants alive with beauty, simplicity and innocence connecting us to the elements, to love and to life. Music, rhythm and harmony are the river upon which the voice flows, gently guiding us towards gratitude for life's gifts.

The inspiration for these songs and chants often come in moments of gratitude. They simply flow into my heart like water as I move through life. Nature and love, healing and silence find their way into my fingers and voice. Song has always accompanied my life and it is my medicine.

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Tracks: Total play time: 44.32

  1. Gratitude
  2. Lover Inside
  3. Shine your Light
  4. Love Finds the Way
  5. Mother Earth
  6. A Million Miles
  7. Open Sky
  8. Standing in the Light of Love
  9. Yes to Life
  10. Whichever Way
  11. We Give Thanks

I chose a natural path to heal myself when diagnosed with cancer and support people to make powerful choices about their health. I address core issues of worth so that you come to know, without doubt ‘I deserve to take good care of myself. I deserve to be alive. I deserve to be well.’

I am an intuitive healer and use song, a strong heart and compassionate listening to support you on your journey to wellness. I draw inspiration from the sacred elements, earth, air, fire and water and allow their qualities to guide my work

I offer one to one sessions at my home in Dorset or via Skype. I can provide accommodation for clients if required. Sessions range from one hour to a half a day.

'I feel safe, held, nurtured and inspired, touched once again by the magic of Tarisha.' (Premal)

Deep into the earth - 2016

Tarisha's new CD is a weave of Shamanic chants with Divine songs of the heart.
It is deeply feminine, full of soul and honours the basic elements of life.

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Carry Me Home - 2008

Songs of the heart with soft grooves and a gentle easeful vibe. The making of this album was Tarisha’s first collaboration with Manu, her husband. He turned her songs into jewels.

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All Your Faces - 2003

This was her first album.
It has 16 original songs gathered over many years from her experience of growing into womanhood.
It is raw and passionate and pretty naked.

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"‘I've been listening to your album again today, and it creates a really nice space in the room. I'm impressed with the amount and the diversity of your material, and totally appreciate your devotion to music and women. Congratulations, Beloved. You have made a beautiful statement!" Deva Premal

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The Magic of the earth

'Mother Earth is Calling us Home'


Singing Medicine in the US

Osho Festival with Carl Davies

"Warm voice, subtle delicate songs from the heart…..as beautiful as you are. What a gift we are blessed with, to sing from our hearts. Thank you for your gift.’ Your sister, Lucinda" { Bliss }