Tantric Tribal Woman

Tantric Tribal Woman Retreats 2020 | Osho Leela UK

Tantric Tribal Woman Retreat

Due to the global lockdown in early 2020, we have moved our April retreat to July 15th-19th and will confirm nearer the time if it goes ahead.

Currently Tarisha and Ranjana are offering Full Moon online events every month via the Osho Leela FB page. They last 2 hours and include singing, meditation, ritual and sharing. They are by donation.

Would you like to balance conscious action and stillness in your daily life? Do you know how to manifest what your heart is longing for with intuition and practical actions?

The moon and the sun are symbols of the inner alchemy. The moon symbolises the feminine inside you, and the sun symbolises the masculine inside you. When moon and sun meet within you, there is a great experience of unity, of oneness; Union-Mystica. That is the goal of all the mystics. This is the real meeting of man and woman.

We will use a variety of meditations, rituals, creativity, inner process work, time in nature, to deepen our experience and understanding of this alchemical meeting within us.

Elemental Healing

Elemental Healing is Singing Medicine with a focus on the elements. It is sound and song filled with the qualities of Earth, Air, Fire and Water re-igniting our connection to them and so to life. People sing and also lie down, receiving the songs. It is simple and pure; a way to rebalance our system and re-attune to the basic elements of life. I offer circles of Elemental Healing at many Osho Leela events

ELEMENTAL HEALING describes the healing that occurs when we open to nature. The simplicity of tuning into the earth, air, fire and water, singing songs imbued with their qualities, re-ignites our connection to them and so to life. During Elemental Healing circles, people sing and also lie down, receiving the songs. It is a simple way to rebalance our system. I offer circles of Elemental Healing, 2 day events and one to one sessions. The one to one sessions are at my home in Dorset or via Skype. I can provide accommodation for clients if required. Sessions range from one hour to a half a day.

Every August I offer Elemental Healing at the Unicorn Natural Voice Camp, a must for any keen singer who loves a family camp with no electricity, cooking around camp fires and a beautiful community feel.

This was in every way, the perfect weekend. What I loved most was the way in which Tarisha seamlessly and effortlessly wove a beautiful tapestry of song, dance, story writing and sharing together around the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. There was never a moment when I knew what would happen next and never a moment that was not heart-felt, soulful, joyous and uplifting. (Indra)

There is Only Love

In 2019, I took Osho Satsang on tour around the UK, sharing this wonderful meditation in people's homes and local halls. With this, I hosted gatherings of Love, Song and Innocence, to deepen our experience of satsang and reminding us 'There is Only Love.'

Osho Satsang is a one hour meditation of music, silence, quotes from Osho and some humming. It is gentle and calming, allowing the mind to settle and the body to relax.

Events varied in length, some with food to share between the satsang and the gathering, others, simply the meditation and a cup of tea. Each person organising the event in their home or local hall shaped the evening or day as they felt was appropriate for their friends and local community.

In March I had the pleasure of being invited to Bristol, Stroud, Malvern, Cardigan, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Nottingham, Findhorn and Inverness.

In April and May, I took 'There is Only Love' to St Just in Cornwall, Totnes, Bath, Frome, Forest Row in Sussex, Cambridge and a few venues in London.

When I begin touring again, all dates and places will be here. If you would like to organise an event yourself, please get in touch via my email

Tarisha playing flute for
                   Osho Satsang

Singing Medicine Sessions- with Tarisha

Calling on spirit through song and sound, Tarisha offers a space for reconnection to yourself, nature and wellness.

Bring a broken heart, a call for new love, a body trauma, a family or ancestral issue then lie back and feel the power of this vibrational medicine in your body and soul.

Reconnect with the Divine mother, open to spirit, be touched by the sacred. This is a deeply relaxing, uniquely personal healing journey.

‘My session with Tarisha went far beyond my thinking mind as she sang directly to my very heart and soul which listened and responded. Pure balm!’ Sudhir

Tarisha has worked with song and sound as medicine her whole life. It has helped her heal from breast cancer by being an expression of her love and light. Her passion to support people on any kind of healing journey runs deep whether it be healing the body, the emotional heart, past life issues or your connection to source.

It is a one-hour session and costs £50. It can be done online or in person.

Get in touch with Tarisha via the contact page.

'Tarisha holds a sacred space with intuitive grace, love and compassion as well as honour.' Khalsa

'I adore the Singing Medicine online during lockdown and it is nice to be able to connect with you and the community.' Ute

ONLINE EVENTS - details coming soon

YOUR SONG - be showered in love and light through music and song created especially for you by Tarisha.

Tune into what you need. It could be:

  • A personal, unique healing song or meditation
  • Your soul song to joyfully remind you of your qualities and gifts
  • Your celebration song for your birthday or another special occasion
  • Your favourite poem put to song

Any of these can also be gifted to a Beloved or friend

How does it go?
We meet online for up to an hour so I can ask questions and get a sense of what you or your friend needs I write the song or chant and record it beautifully for you. You receive a recording of the song as a digital download. (A CD can also be requested.) I can also include the chords so you can play it yourself.

I need 2-4 weeks depending on the length of the song to complete the project.

Healing Song or meditation - £110
Your Soul Song or Your Celebration song - £200
Celebration Song - £200 (up to 6 verses and chorus)
Song Poem - £80 - £100 depending on length of poem.

20 mins with me. A chat and a one line chant created and sung for you.

Get in touch with Tarisha via the Contact page

"My partner gifted me with a personal song that Tarisha channelled, composed and recorded for me – what a magical surprise that was! Whenever I listen to the song it is as if my Beloved is talking to me with such beauty and love – through Tarisha’s angelic voice, wrapping my soul in love, and I literally feel his arms around me. This reinforces my experience of being loved on a cellular level, melting my heart again and again, strengthening our bond. This is the most healing and creative gift I have ever received, thank you Tarisha! You are so talented, magical and intuitive – everybody must receive this in their lives as part of mirroring their deepest healing essence."

Calling in the Light - Illuminate your inner world

Calling In The Light Poster

Calling in the Light - Illuminate Your Inner World with Tarisha at Osho Leela, Dorset UK
15th - 17th October 2021 - £200 /£180 early bird
Book via

~ Come and give your whole system an energetic boost so that you can approach winter with a spring in your step.
~ Immerse yourself in a healing atmosphere to relax and come home to love.
~ Shine some light on your inner world so that you feel more at home and at ease in yourself.

Join this weekend to unburden yourself of old patterns that keep you in the dark. Hiding your true self creates suffering. Showing up and allowing all that you are to be seen, shared, welcomed, is deeply healing. It isn't that we call in the light to deny what is moving inside us. It is to support our seeing, to bring light to places we are afraid to go. To allow healing and return to wholeness, celebrating who we are.
There will be:

  • Meditation
  • Emotional release
  • Self-reflection and sharing time
  • Individual and group healing
  • Movement and dance
  • Singing Medicine
  • Calling In The Light Poster

    Book via

    I really enjoyed your energy, presence and the space you hold within yourself. Thank you for sharing your truth and radiating pure love. I feel very inspired by you. Thank you for showing up as you. - Louise